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Ancar Ivanhoe

Learn more about the history of Ancar, administrator of North Shopping Jóquei.

Ancar Ivanhoe is a pioneer company in the shopping malls sector and one of the leading companies in this market - over 40 years.

The history of Ancar Ivanhoe started in the 1970’s when it began its trajectory in the shopping mall industry as one of the companies responsible for the development of the second shopping center to be built in Brazil: the Conjunto Nacional de Brasilia.

In 2006, it set up a partnership with Ivanhoe Cambridge and continued its steady expansion trajectory.

Nowadays, it operates as the Entrepreneur of shopping centers and/or Managing Company throughout all five regions of Brazil.


How to get

See how to get in North Shopping Jóquei

The North Shopping Jóquei is located on the ground of the old Jockey Club Cearense at the corner of avenues Linnaeus and Senator Machado Fernandes Távora . Check out the map how to get to the mall:



Become part of this success!

The mall managed by Ancar Ivanhoe has alternatives and spaces for marketing and promotion. Besides shops and kiosks to lease the North Shopping Jockey has spaces in the mall for temporary rental, activation and promotion of your brand. Attracting more than 700,000 people / month and a targeted audience, shopping is an important communication channel in the region.

For marketing shops, please contact us by phone: (85) 3403-7001 or any of the executives:
Ana Cristina Aguiar (85) 8190-0810 -
Robson Bezerra (85) 8190-0730 -
Wesley Diniz (85) 8190-1177 -

For rental kiosks , merchandising of your product / company disclosures and feirões , contact:
Feith André (85) 8181-2606 / (85) 3403-7005 -
Naiana Soares (85) 3403-7005 -


North Shopping Jóquei

Come in and make yourself comfortable!

Opened in October 30, 2013 , the North Shopping Jóquei came to the neighborhood to meet a market need . Located on the ground of the old Jockey Club Cearense at the corner of avenues Linnaeus and Senator Machado Fernandes Tavora , the project is part of a multipurpose project, which not only includes the mall is integrated into the complex Jockey Ville , built by Diagonal.
Shopping was designed in every detail to meet the wishes of the new middle class of Fortaleza . Based on the most modern concepts of industry, the North Shopping Jockey is a milestone for the local retail , attracting the population of 55 districts of its area of ​​influence .
There are five anchor stores , 18 megastores and 200 satellite stores. For leisure visitors , the North Shopping Jóquei has a cinema, operated by Cinépolis , with five rooms ( two with 3D technology ) and Game Station , with over 1,000m² of electronic games.
Integration with the urban landscape - Another difference relates to the food court with over 5,000m² of GLA and exclusive panoramic view with a glass facade of 242m² leading natural light into the space that brings together 27 fast food operations and over 1,500 places.

Comfort , modernity and good internal circulation - Project North Shopping Jóquei forms a gently curved mall, linking anchor the ends of the project. This format aims at building on the importance of the corner of the avenues Senator Fernandes Távora and Linnaeus Machado and give proper architectural grandeur to the enterprise. It's like the shape of the building involved , embrace the client in a simple and inviting way.

The mall has three floors , with parking on the ground and underground, a central square of events, and pedestrian accesses wings , next to the anchors. The third floor is for the food, leisure and entertainment (cinemas and video games ) .